Tuesday, 2 September 2014


With over 35 million Nigerian youths currently unemployed, it may interest you to know a large portion of these applicants are unemployable because: 

·         They lack the relevant skills
·         They have been unable to package themselves properly in terms of their cv and cover letter
·         They are unable to respond to each job vacancy as a separate entity
·         They are unable to sell themselves if and when they get a job interview 

Do these sound like insurmountable problems? Definitely not! Based twelve years of experience within the recruitment sector, Insiteful Solutions is able to offer detailed cv rewriting and career counseling services to give you the much needed edge in your job search and increase your success rate by at least 70% 

CV EDITING –                 N3,000.00

The objective of your CV is to achieve an interview. Your aim should be to maximize your chances of selection and to minimize the risk of rejection. Employers and Recruitment Agencies critically check the quality of your presentation and first impressions count. The quality of your CV will reflect you as a quality candidate. Our CV rewriting service includes the following:

·         Initial consultation to assess you against what is required in today’s job market

·         2 versions of your cv

·         Addition to our work database

·         Automatic mapping to any jobs your cv match


CAREER COUNSELING -                  12,000.00
In today's volatile employment market many challenges are facing employees, whether a seasoned worker or a younger entrant. It is therefore vital that sound and informed decisions are made at all times. As your career consultant, I will work with you to ensure the following

·         A two hour conversation to get to know you better and assess your desired career choice versus the reality on ground
·         skills assessment
·         CV rewriting and career/training road map
·         Addition to our work database
·         Automatic mapping to any jobs your cv match 

Please note that for any of the above services to be successful, you must strictly adhere to what is agreed during the consultation. 

If you are interested in any of the following services please indicate by sending an email and we will generate & send to you a payment invoice and arrange your next meeting. Please note that for applicants in Abuja, we will have face to face meetings. For applicants outside of Abuja, we will arrange a skype or telephone interview.

Please note that Insiteful Solutions does not solicit funds for interviews or placement in permanent job positions. This service covers CV writing and Career counseling. Should you qualify for a job interview or gain successful placement in an open vacancy for a permanent job position, you will not be required to make any payment.

Have a wonderful day beloved readers

Best Regards,
Nkoyo V Efretei                                                  
Chief Executive Officer – Insiteful Solutions

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