Sunday, 23 December 2012

Desperation will not get you a job but following these tips will

As I stared at my phone in shock at 2:00AM while a job seeker's number flashed as the caller, I realized some of us have lost our common sense to the stronger emotion of desperation in our pursuit of paid employment. The free advice I have today is #stalkingwillnotgetyouajob There is a right way to communicate with potential employers and recruitment agencies and that is following the principles of business networking with purpose. Further details are as follows: 1. Elevator speech- instead of aggressively introducing yourself to anyone and everyone, be prepared for the elevator speech which is you composing a 15 second description of yourself focusing on your competencies/skills/job desires. Describe yourself concisely and impressively. 2. Be different- Differentiate yourself. Aim high. Be best at something and let that stand out. If you have nothing to offer that's different from the norm, you may not get your foot in the door. 3. Help others- Help others and you will be helped. Its not all about you demanding without having anything to offer in return. If you are branded a user, people are not interested in helping you. Offer your skills, experience, and help when it is needed/required. 4. Personal integrity- Integrity, trust and reputation are vital for networking. 5. Relevant targeting- target groups and contacts relevant to your aims and capabilities. There is no point harassing the secretary to death simply because you think your harassment will make him/her help you. If they are not a decision maker, you are wasting your time. 6. Plan your networking - and know what you want. Scout for events in your area and go. Go for meetings, learning events, training, business seminars. Anything free, attend. Don't be shy, come out of your comfort zone and interact. In time you'll forge the right relationships and highlight events for follow up. 7. Follow up- Following up meetings and referrals makes things happen and do it in a polite way. Work with your referrals time frames and timetables. 8. Be positive- Be a positive influence on everyone and everything. No need to get on the phone and start crying that you're starving. Pity only works on people with empathy. Stay positive. 9. Sustained focused effort- Be focused - and ever-ready. Your breakthrough can come at any time and you must always be prepared. 10. Be respectful - no one owes you anything and business is just what it is - business. Respect boundaries, don't take rejection personal, and always remain polite. Have a great sunday y'all.