Tuesday, 15 May 2012


In an ideal world, we would always be motivated to work hard, be a good friend, be the perfect brother/ sister/ wife/ husband/mother/father and give our best to everyone and everything around us. In a perfect world, we would have all the food we need to keep us satisfied (in the right way) right at our fingertips, we'd exercise everyday and have so much energy we'd be jumping off the rooftops, and the world would work together to make your life more peaceful, tranquil, and happy. However, we don't live in a dream world or utopia but in the real world where so many factors, people, and things need our attention. Sometimes, we may yourself free, happy, and willing to do all we need to do, other times our energy levels may be low or we find ourselves being distracted or just not in the mood to do anything but stare into space.

Studies show that we all have peak productive times and that's absolutely fine.  Most times depending on how much sleep, rest, and nutrition we have, we will be energetic some time in the morning, slump after lunch and then get another energy boost sometime after lunch and before you go to bed. While it is important that if you are working for an employer or yourself, you remain productive during your work hours, it is important to note each one of has our own unique internal clock. For me (and this took me a very long time to accept) I am most productive at 12-2am...that's midnight to 2am!!! Although i know what to eat and do  if I need to work between 8am abd 12am, I am rest assured that if I need to work on something new, pending, or just need to get my creative juices flowing, I need to relax around midnight with my laptop and good music and i'll be good to go!!

Can I aks readers, do you know YOUR productive hours? Is it between 8am and 10am when its early in the day? Do you enjoy working right before lunch on an empty stomach that helps clear you eyes or do you love relaxing in the office around closing hour when the office is emptying out in order to take you time and get your work done?  if your answer to this question is, I dont know, it's perfectly okay but knowing your most productive period will help you achieve both personal official goals; carry out even the most difficult duties and responsibilities; and find time to get things done no matter how much work you have and how little free time you have. Just ask yourself the following:

  • Think back to a time when you were achieving everything you set out to do for the day, what factors contributed to you being so productive?
  • Can you remember the time this happened?
  • Where you even in the office? or at home? or in a resturaunt? or on twitter? or chatting online?
  • When do you normally get sleepy or bored?
  • What factors cause you to become bored or sleepy besides hunger or fatigue? 
Take the rest of this week to figure out your most productive periods and time. When you find out, carry out some experiments and during those hours, tackle things you have been putting off or work on some goals you have but are yet to start. Do you find you are more productive? happier? better able to handle the things on your plate?

It is my sincere hope and belief that you will find your peak productive period and use this time to achieve your goals and accomplish your work in a more effective way.

have a great day!!