Wednesday, 4 February 2015

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THE JOBSEEKERS' BLOG™ ...: Consequences of Lying in a Job Interview (Real Lif...: Hello Job-seekers, i found a story on the internet that reiterates the need for absolute sincerity during a job interview. A job-seeker...

THE JOBSEEKERS' BLOG™ ...: THE JOB SEEKERS’ CREED™ is now available for purch...

THE JOBSEEKERS' BLOG™ ...: THE JOB SEEKERS’ CREED™ is now available for purch...: Finally , THE JOB SEEKERS’ CREED ™ is now available for purchase on Visit

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


grumpy cat - credit google imagesAdam was an amazing worker but man was he temperamental! Any small thing Adam would be pouting like a 7 month old toddler who had his favorite toy snatched from him. Adam was starting to annoy his colleagues with his attitude because when he was moody his and everybody else’s work suffered. What’s a boss to do? Fire him or hide under a rock and pretend everything was ok?
While you might have a high emotional intelligence quota, a few of your coworkers might not and therefore its not so easy for them “leave their problems outside the door” when they come into work. Moodiness is natural, we can all be out of sort, pissed off, hormonal or just not in the mood for any type of nonsense. However, when dealing with a coworker who is persistently in a bad mood, you must take steps not to let it affect your productivity and lower your morale.


vacancy - google imageHola everybody! Hope you have had a fantastic year so far? With elections coming up a few people have complained that jobs are few and far between but let’s try and hang in there we just have a few more weeks to go and we know that we will have loads more vacancies to share with you. HOWEVER we do have a few vacancies to share with you guys. If you are interested in any of these positions listed below, please send your CV to and indicate the job role you are applying for in the subject line of the email. Kindly be advised that only qualified candidates will be invited for interviews that will take place on Friday the 6TH FEBRUARY 2015.
A high end restaurant located in the heart of Wuse 2 is looking to immediately hire a manager (front of house) to ensure the restaurant operates efficiently and profitably while maintaining its reputation and ethos. The Managers will also be responsible for ensuring the restaurant’s achieves or surpasses its sales targets as well as maintaining high standards of food, service, and health and safety. He/she will coordinate a variety of activities including: taking responsibility for the business performance of the restaurant; Analyzing and planning restaurant sales levels and profitability; Organizing marketing activities, such as promotional events and discount schemes; Preparing reports at the end of the shift/week, including staff control, food control and sales; planning and coordinating menus; Coordinating the entire operation of the restaurant during scheduled shifts; Managing staff and providing them with feedback; Responding to customer complaints; Ensuring that all employees adhere to the company’s uniform standards; Meeting and greeting customers and organizing table reservations; Advising customers on menu choices and training and motivating staff. The salary for this position starts from One Hundred Thousand Naira  and to qualify for an interview, you must have relevant experience and pass our personality assessment.
A reputable company is looking to hire a Sales and Marketing Executive to resume work immediately in Abuja.  In this job role, you would be responsible for identifying new business opportunities, making sales, maintaining and expanding the existing customer base as well as overseeing all marketing activities and meeting all marketing targets. Please note that this is a target driven job role for a company that deals with FCMG. Experience with marketing and selling FCMG in the pharmaceutical industry will be a definite bonus. The salary for this position starts from Eighty Thousand Naira and commission payments are also made in line with an in-house commission scheme. To qualify for an interview you must have relevant sales experience and a valid driving license.
A reputable company located in the heart of Abuja is looking to hire a sales and marketing manager to head its business operations and sales team. The manager will be responsible for creating and overseeing the deployment of strategic marketing activities and he/she’s duties will include: Developing and implementing marketing campaigns; Providing weekly and monthly sales/marketing reports; Advising management as regards new business opportunities; Creating strategies for meeting marketing targets; Sourcing opportunities; Creating and maintaining a database for marketing activities; and undertaking marketing research and competitor analysis. The salary for this position starts from One Hundred Thousand Naira  (commission payments also available) and to qualify for an interview you must have relevant sales experience and a valid driving license.

Sunday, 28 December 2014


Dear beloved readers of my humble little blog,

It’s been an amazing year for me and for you as well I am sure. All through the year I have done my best to write on current trends within the business world, share tips to move your life/career forward and provide advice on how to improve your business by focusing on your most important resource, your human capital. Thank you so much for reading and interacting although I hope we can do a little more talking in 2015! I have so much more to say but I will leave all that yapping for my next article. for now I just want to say I am grateful that you allowed me send you emails, update you on what I've felt could push your business/career forward as well as providing me with data when I needed it. It has been an enlightening year filled with new possibilities that I plan to explore further. And from me and my entire team at Insiteful Solutions Nig Ltd, have a wonderful, productive, enlightening, enriching and safe 2015!!!!


Sunday, 16 November 2014


Most Start-ups & SMEs fail to understand the importance of branding. I and my team cannot begin to count the amount of horrible business cards, poor logos, boring business names and ugly office interiors we’ve encountered over the years. Upon trying to convince the owner to invest a little money in a graphic designer we’d start hearing things like 

...“I’ll hire a designer when I make my first twenty million Naira”; “my business has been open for 20 years without a logo or website and we’re still here”; “Abeg I want to make money first, anything else can follow after”... 

They fail to understand that the difference between them and their competitor who may be making ten times the amount they see as profit may  only be because of a solid logo (which can cost as little as N10,000.00 to make) With the right branding & marketing strategy a company can easily triple its sales without adding to its manpower or resources! Let me give you a practical example. Who is your best friend? What do you feel when their name is said out loud?-Happy? Excited? Calm? This is the brand associated with your best friend…positive and there to protect your best interest. Wouldn’t you want the same for your company? You would want the public and clients to understand what you represent and believe the products and services you offer are second to none other and your company is here to stay. You  as a business owner need to understand that

  1. Like larger companies, SMEs & Start-ups need an awesome brand name, “sweet” packaging and marketable products 
  2. In order to create the right #brand & service, as a CEO you must put your ego aside so you can create something sustainable 
  3. You must research, attend seminars, & think so you can create a 50 year plan for your brand image and subsequent marketing plan 
  4. Your logo, mission, vision, people/ services/products, colors and offers make up[ your brand and its image 
  5. You can’t have awesome services/products with badly behaved staff & no market visibility. That will ruin your brand 
What do you need to do before you embark on creating and deploying a brand strategy?
  • Know client’s needs better than anyone else
  • Fuel the strategy with a culture that reflects you 
  •  Translate all these acts into an implementable internal and external communication policy 
  •  Build a platform that incorporates both traditional and social Media plans 
You will then be ready to create your brand strategy but you must make it a priority and promise to stick to it for at least a year before you review and adjust it. Ready but don’t know what to do? Send us an email at Have a blessed and wonderful day everyone! 

Friday, 7 November 2014


When it comes to entrepreneurship, Chief Dr. Chidi Anyaegbu, CEO Chisco group has not only proved himself but has blazed a trail that others can follow. He started out selling Spare parts but with a seed fund of just NGN120, goodwill, a detailed plan and a passion for excellence, Chief Anyaegbu has grown his transport business into the conglomerate, Chisco group having arms in Oil and gas, finance, hospitality, real estate, education, import and export.In the course of his business, he also attended several short Management and Entrepreneurial courses in France, USA, Brazil, Germany, and United Kingdom. He was conferred with a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration (Honoris Causa) by Penn State University, USA in 1996. He is a Fellow, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (International) London and possesses the Business Certificate Award by University of Houston USA.
In this interview with Tobi Solarin from Vanguard Spark, this passion-driven entrepreneur shares his perspective on success, business and service to God and humanity which I’ve summed up as follows:
He stated his greatest achievement in life is his God-given opportunity to serve humanity across the globe and what keeps him going is the provision of over 4000 jobs to the Nigerian populace of which the youth segment is a clear majority. He started off with a spare parts business in 1978 and was very successful but the demand for transport and logistics services was overwhelming as cargo would always be stuck for days with no vehicle. Chisco Transport began its pioneer route with Lagos to Onitsha.  Hard work and a keen eye on customer satisfaction allowed the group to grow into supplying services within the hospitality, energy, haulage, courier and automobile sectors. We strive to live to the expectation of our loyal customers by being consistent in delivering quality service. And as for the N120.00 that he started his business with, guess where it came from? N150.00 that his master settled him with in 1978 after serving as an apprentice. So here is what I gained from this article:
  • Before you even think about starting a business or career, acquire the skills you’ll need. Opt for an internship, apprenticeship or training program. It will be time well spent. 
  • Invest in yourself! Everyone is looking for a venture capitalist to come and invest in the dream but do you really think anyone will invest in your dream when you are not willing to do so?
  • Find a profitable business service but make sure it’s something that you absolutely love doing.
  • Your customers are the reason you are making money. Give them the respect attention and dedication they deserve
That’s all from me folks, have a brilliant weekend!