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for all my Nigerian readers, happy belated democracy day!!! I kno we are going thru a lot but the fact that we live in a time that encourages free speech, writing, and gatherings is enough to celebrate this holiday!!
I was thinking yesterday about a vacancy I recently posted online. I still cannot believe some of the responses I got. CVs written so badly I couldn’t get past the first sentence, rude email addresses; hostile language through out the CV, and long rambling personal statements. So many people were disqualified before I even had the opportunity to know whether I could consider them for the job because their CVs were so horrible.

You may be at home right now wandering why you are not getting called back for interviews and it could be a simple reason of your CV not making it past the secretary's desk, much less passing HR's scrutiny and here are 22 reasons why:
  • A recruiter,  manager or HR manager can’t get the gist of you and your story in less than 10 seconds
  • You can’t stand to look at your own résumé because you dislike it so much.
  • It is loaded with buzz words and meaningless words you copied from the Internet.
  • Your CV looks like a template.
  • Your CV is longer than two pages and you have only worked in 2-3 places.
  • It doesn’t sound authentic – like you’re a real person who solves real problems.
  • Your CV contains lies of any variety – big or little.
  • Your CV contains exaggerated job titles.
  • Your CV doesn’t showcase your key successes, achievements and accomplishments.
  • Your CV doesn’t integrate a present-future focus along with your past employment record.
  • Your CV looks like 2500 other résumés in the pile.
  • Your CV doesn’t sound like you.
  • Your CV lacks a flow and good organization.
  • Your CV reads like a job description.
  • Your CV is unattractive and in some cases, downright difficult to read.
  • Your CV has a boring account of your work history.
  • Your CV doesn’t provide direct evidence (proof) as to why your qualifications warrant an interview.
  • Your CV contains errors (One of the worst offences).
  • Your CV doesn’t represent you with excellence in your absence.
  • Your CV gives the reader reasons not speak with you.
  • Your CV doesn’t exemplify the very best of you and your amazing brand.

  • Your CV doesn’t generate any action for you.
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So darling readers, going thru the above points, did any of them jump out at you that you may be committing one or more of these offences on YOUR CV? If your answer is yes, it's time to redraft your CV and do let me know if you need professional advice, I'm always happy to help!


Umuahia — ABIA State Government has announced the discovery of no fewer than 4,334 ghost pensioners on its payroll. The government said the ghost pensioners were discovered by the consultant it engaged in February to audit the state's pensions system. The audit firm was said to have recovered over N88 million being paid to the ghost pensioners.A statement by Governor Theodore Orji' Chief Press Secretary, CPS, Mr. Ugochukwu Emezue, said the audit revealed that the ghost pensioners had been milking the state government.Emezue noted that as at February, over N88,072,529.00 had been recovered.

Culled from The Nigerian vanguard Newspaper


A mechanism that could address structural unemployment problem

It’s impossible to know precisely how much unemployment is structural and how much is cyclical, and probably there’s some of both right now. Cyclical unemployment resulting from weak demand is amenable to expansionary government spending or monetary policy. Structural unemployment is harder to fix. Structural joblessness results from things like skills mismatches, and policy to address such mismatches is inherently longer-term in scope, involving education and encouraging innovation. Expansionary policy can't reduce structural unemployment; when that's all that's left, more expansion generates nothing but rising inflation.
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"People tend to think HR is just about HR expertise, but without long-term strategic thinking, you cannot be good at HR; without a business background, you won't know what your business leaders are thinking every day. You need to know what area they are worried about, then help them design the best structure for them"
Gina Qiao is senior vice president human resources at Chinese PC superbrand, Lenovo. Read her interview with HR magazine.

What do you guys think? Agree or disagree?


Lagos State Government has unveiled the long-awaited Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Eko Atlantic City, which it said, was in compliance with global standard and regulations. Managing Director of the South Energyx Nigeria Limited (developers of the Eko Atlantic City), Mr. David Frame, also put the number of jobs the city would generate when completed at over 150,000. A team of Lagos State Commissioner of Waterfront Infrastructure Development, Mr. Segun Oniru, South Energyx Nigeria Limited and Royal Haskoning of Holland presented the EIA report at an interactive session with journalists in Victoria Island at the weekend. Speaking at the unveiling of the EIA reports, the managing director expressed hope that in the nearest future, Lagos would become the envy of the world because of the Atlantic City.According to him, "when the Eko Atlantic City project is completed, it will generate a minimum of 150,000 jobs, and the city will attract tourists and visits across the world; thereby boosting revenue generation." He said: "Ten years from now, people will begin to troop to Lagos just as the case of Dubai. The city will have will have a west point Marina of 350 metres diameter and will provide outlet for those who wants to enjoy the canal system. The city project will provide accommodation for 250,000 people". At the session, Oniru said about 17 expatriates and 500 Nigerian engineers "are currently working on the project, and a wall called The Great Wall of Lagos would be constructed to protect the city from ocean surge.He added that the developer of the city had 78 years certificate of occupancy on the project to enable it recoup its investment over time, saying that three million square metres of land had been reclaimed from the ocean out of the nine million square metres of land for the city.
Culled from The Nigerian Thisday Newspaper.