Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Ok so I stumbled across an infograph created by Bayo Adekanmbi and it was under the title technology, brands, and consumer ecosystem.
Nigeria MiddleClass Job profile by Jobberman
Its shows Nigeria’s middle class- a job profile by jobberman  and it is very important for employees and employers alike. Why? Understanding what people expect as basic salary after working for about 2-5 years will help manage your expectations as a business or as a job candidate is very important.
As a business, if you note that you are paying below the minimum of what people expect, you should understand that you will have a very unhappy workforce that will end up costing you more than what you are saving
As a job candidate it is also important you understand what the reality of the job market is in Nigeria versus your expectations. For example, according to the inforgraph, at least 47% percent of the population currently holds a masters degree with a fair number from outside the country yet only 25% of the working population earns between 50- 100k with 17 % earning between 110 and 200k. what does that tell you. We have a highly skilled job population who are at most times ready to earn far below what their masters should fetch them. However, if we think about it, what if most Nigerians earn far below their expectations because they don’t deserve any more? After all, a large number of employers will be quick to tell you that the average worker doesn’t deserve what they earn? I'm of the opinion that currently exploitation of workers in Nigeria is still very rampant but the labour force isn’t doing much to help their status. Simple tips like:
·         Self improvement through online and offline training
·         At least an hour per day dedicated to reading job specific material
·         Networking beyond casual interaction
·         Building personal confidence
can mean the difference between a average paying job and an above average paying job. Maybe for those with masters working for less than 100k, its time you stopped and considered the possibility of harnessing your talent into a small scale business because most business owners will make at least an average of 150k a month with hard work and determination. Will be writing more about becoming a small scale business owner and succeeding through the management of expectations in my next article.

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