Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Today and for the next few days, I want to celebrate all the gorgeous yummy and fabulous females! More often than not and for reasons I cant understand (and hope to never understand) Women seem to be each others' worst enemies. But I today I am here not to gossip, lament, or share horror/war stories but to celebrate
In the last couple of weeks, I've met and made friends with some fantastic ladies; had my sisters offer funny, candid or much needed advice; and learnt so much from lunches/coffee breaks with my best friends. It's brought me happiness, a strong network, and in some cases some financial rewards :) So why won't I celebrate my lovely ladies!
I want to remind us that being a working mum; stay at home mum; single and successful career woman, or an independent entrepreneur/business owner is fantastic, challenging and rewarding. The opportunities we have as women are now practically limitless and while we may have to push harder to tear down the walls in our way, the world is open to us to pursue our dreams, goals, and targets (should we choose to do so. Research shows that women are breaking down barriers at work, entering the political arena, and creating value with the enterprises and endeavours we engage in.
#Fact, did you know that while about 65 percent of both sexes say they are satisfied with their jobs, it typically takes a lot less money to get women to say they are satisfied with their work than it does to get men to say it. Ladies do you know what this means? We as women, should we choose to, have a much higher ability to be blissed out, happy, and satisfied on the job!! That's how awesome we are. However, ladies, we all know that being a successful mum, wife, sister, daughter, worker, and boss involves us being pulled in so many directions, juggling a variety of responsibilities and sometimes even losing ourselves in the process. The sad reality is while more women are doing more than ever before, a lot more of us are susceptible to being depressed, fatigued, and stressed out at work. Bliss, satisfaction, joy and happiness on the job is not a pipe dream out of our reach but a living breathing reality that can be yours now. My name is Nkoyo Efretei, HR and lifestyle consultant and i am dedicated to helping women find happiness in their careers and businesses. Over the next few weeks, I hope to help your achieve bliss by sharing events with you, teaching you how to de-stress, activate a new and successful chapter in your life, and building your business brand in a cost effective manner. We will also be answering some guest questions sent to us by you our readers.
The aim is to ensure I share information relevant to us dynamic females living, loving, and working in Nigeria. So today take out a little time to celebrate you, your sisters, friends, moms, grand mums, colleagues....every single yummy woman in your network and family. The sisterhood is a wonderful thing, let's celebrate it!!!
All my love

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