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There's been a lot of talk about how to get a job in Nigeria by building your skill base but can you honestly say you understand what this means? Technical skills are great but in today’s offices, Employers and CEOs need employees who add value to the organization beyond their technical skills. In the video link below, Technical hiring managers tell what they look for in new employees during the interview process, so why not have a watch!! 

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Recruiting new staff is a blessing at times because it gives you an opportunity to hire the skills that you need and in the video below, Chuck House, Executive Director of Media X, Stanford University's membership research program on media and technology, talks about the new skills needed for 21st century jobs. If you are a CEO and run your own business, have a watch, you may learn something valuable :-) take care y'all 


Hi y'all and how are you doing this evening? In this age of more job seekers that jobs, it's shocking that so many people lose job opportunities simply because of bad manners and improper dressing. Nearly 40 million youths in Nigeria are unemployed and in case you didn't know, most employers believe more than more than half of this number is unemployable!! What does unemployable mean? Simply put, if you are unemployable, it is believed that you do not possess the basic and technical skills needed in today's job market. And untop of this unemployable palaver, we all know more and more people are returning from outside the country with their foreign Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degrees in order to job hunt so that means millions more added to the 40 million already looking for work!!!Despite all this, may young people apply for jobs, get through to the interview stage, and then never hear back from the company. Do you want to know why? Hard truth guys and girls, FIRST IMPRESSIONS STILL GO A LONG WAY IN NIGERIA. A bad attitude, bad dressing, and lack of preparedness will have you lose out on your job from the 1st minute and it doesn't matter how many 1st class degrees you possess nor certifications you have undertaken. So here are my free - acing your job interview - tips.
      Unless you are a technical genius and companies are begging you to   work for them, buy yourself a nice black trouser suit (guys and girls) and a pair of black shoes that you will use ONLY during interviews.

      Don’t color block the interviewer(s) to death

    Do NOT wear slippers, platforms, or wedges (if you have leg injury ladies, wear flat ballet pumps)

      Smile A LOT, and be confident (not arrogant)

I did a TV interview on job hunting tips for job seekers in Naija which I will post on my blog soon. Till then,

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How are all my lovely ladies? Do you have an important meeting, interview, performance appraisal you need to be at next week? Remember, you are the brand and your dressing will determine how you are addressed so  how about we try a spot of power dressing this week starting Monday? I'll be rocking a fierce Ankara dress, heels, and a red cardigan - have to remember to take a pic and post :-) 

Here are a few  outfits I spotted online that i'll be using as inspiration for my work outfits this week. 

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If everybody loved their job, they probably wouldn't call it work. The lucky ones are people who have figured out how to get paid for doing what they love or have built up their skills set and put in hard work to get a job/Starter company they love.

But for some of us, the workplace can be miserable, so much so that it consumes your whole life. lets face it though, you will not always have the luxury of leaving a job you don't like and sometimes we are responsible for our misery at work - sometimes we pick the wrong jobs, pick a fight with the wrong person, or simply ignore all the warning signings of a bad situation at work until it becomes a TERRIBLE situation. 

If you find yourself dreading work in the morning, or unable to relax at the end of the week, here are a few tips to help you cope with a job you hate - whether you decide to tough it out or find something else.

These 11 tips will help you cope regardless of why you hate your job, whether it's a terrible supervisor, or nasty coworkers.

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Nigeria: Anarchy in Government Recruitment Process

we must always shine our eyes when it comes to Job hunting in on 
A series of revelations in the recruitment process of some federal government agencies raises troubling questions regarding the role of the Federal Character Commission (FCC).
Early last year, the Federal Road safety Commission (FRSC) was the focus of a sustained public outcry over its recruitment pattern. There were reports that the commission ignored laid-down rules to recruit personnel mainly from a particular group of states in the south-south region. Similar allegations surfaced with regards to the Nigeria Customs Service recruitment exercise. The FCC made the right noises about looking into the allegations; if it did, the result has not made any impact.
And the reasons are beginning to become clear. Last month, the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) was forced to defend itself by intense public complaints following reports that the 4,560 officers it had scheduled to recruit this year came mainly from the geographical region of its Comptroller General, Mrs Rose Chinyere Uzoma, whose retirement from service is imminent.The scandalous nature of the recruitment pattern appeared to have embarrassed the supervising Ministry of the Interior where the minister, Abba Moro, announced that the exercise had been cancelled.Though Mrs Uzoma denied that there was no exercise in the first place to warrant the government to cancel it, the details were leaked to the media. The details illustrate the seedy schemes that generally characterize recruitment processes in various government departments, and the influence politicians have over them.