Saturday, 12 January 2013


Hi y'all and how are you doing this evening? In this age of more job seekers that jobs, it's shocking that so many people lose job opportunities simply because of bad manners and improper dressing. Nearly 40 million youths in Nigeria are unemployed and in case you didn't know, most employers believe more than more than half of this number is unemployable!! What does unemployable mean? Simply put, if you are unemployable, it is believed that you do not possess the basic and technical skills needed in today's job market. And untop of this unemployable palaver, we all know more and more people are returning from outside the country with their foreign Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degrees in order to job hunt so that means millions more added to the 40 million already looking for work!!!Despite all this, may young people apply for jobs, get through to the interview stage, and then never hear back from the company. Do you want to know why? Hard truth guys and girls, FIRST IMPRESSIONS STILL GO A LONG WAY IN NIGERIA. A bad attitude, bad dressing, and lack of preparedness will have you lose out on your job from the 1st minute and it doesn't matter how many 1st class degrees you possess nor certifications you have undertaken. So here are my free - acing your job interview - tips.
      Unless you are a technical genius and companies are begging you to   work for them, buy yourself a nice black trouser suit (guys and girls) and a pair of black shoes that you will use ONLY during interviews.

      Don’t color block the interviewer(s) to death

    Do NOT wear slippers, platforms, or wedges (if you have leg injury ladies, wear flat ballet pumps)

      Smile A LOT, and be confident (not arrogant)

I did a TV interview on job hunting tips for job seekers in Naija which I will post on my blog soon. Till then,

Take care y'all!!

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