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Due to the fact that the unemployment rate is very high, Penta Stream Investments took it upon itself to come up with an employment creation concept, called Penta Gold, to meet government half way in terms of job creation. Penta Stream Investments is a Namibian consulting company that was founded in 2010. Speaking at the recent launch of the investment company, Erastus Nekomba said they have realised that the majority of Namibians have business ideas, but they don't know how to implement them, neither do they have funds to implement them nor the necessary skills. The employment creation concept Penta Gold was launched to help address these shortcomings. Penta Gold offers free business training and interest-free economic development loans. According to Nekomba, Penta is a private sector initiative established to complement government efforts toward economic development through the integration of SME's and helping to build their productive capacity through training and funding. "We provide free business development training and interest-free economic development loans to our registered members," he noted. Nekomba says jobs are hard to find and government's efforts alone are not sufficient to sustain economic growth. "At such critical times as these, private-sector initiatives are the most viable alternatives for economic investments," said Nekomba. "Creating private sector partnership with relevant stakeholders such as the community at large is the only way to ease economic pressure off the shoulders of the common citizen," he said.

Culled From New Era Newspaper

Good to see the focus on job creation through empowering individuals and supporting small businesses and entrepenuers spread right across the continent.


Fear of job loss is currently brewing among staff of the Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) in the country as deadline given to them to raise their capital base from N150 million to N1 billion expires tomorrow, Daily Trust learnt. Daily Trust gathered that while some PFAs have met the minimum shareholders' fund of the recommended N1 billion, many others may be forced to merge or be acquired by others that are bigger. The National Pensions Commission that regulates the pension industry said it would not extend the deadline. "There is no extension. Those that are not able to recapitalized may have their operating license withdrawn or their assets transfered to other PFAs," a senior management staff of PenCom who does not want his name in print said. Management of PFAs are refusing to comment on the issue, saying people should wait till the deadline expires. An official of Legacy Pension told Daily Trust that the company has surpassed the minimum capital base of N1 billion but is not thinking of acquiring any other PFA. But a senior management staff in the corporate communication department of Premium Pension Administrator who sought not to be named said the firm's shareholders' fund as at December ending 2011 was N1.3 billion. The staff said Premium is considering acquiring any PFA that approached them. "We are open for that. Some PFAs have approached us but nothing has been worked out yet." A staff of one of the PFAs said the fear of job loss in the sector is because of the experience that workers in the banking sector had when some of them were acquired or merged. Daily Trust recalls that many bank workers lost their jobs during the period of recapitalizing. Some banks are still retrenching. Last Friday, the management of Mainstreet Bank sacked 650 staff while Sterling Bank sacked 400 workers on Tuesday.

Culled from The Nigerian Daily Trust Newspaper


THE Senate disclosed, yesterday, that it will again invite the chairman, Pension Taskforce Team, Mr. Abdulrasheed Maina, to get more information on the mismanagement of N273.9 billion pension fund. Speaking to journalists in Abuja, Chairman of the Senate Committee that investigated the pension scam, Senator Aloysius Etok, who noted that a fresh letter of invitation would be sent to Maina today, stressed that this became imperative based on the resolution of the Senate. Etok who noted that Maina was expected to appear before the committee this week, warned that if he fails to appear, a warrant of arrest would be issued against him. Etok, who declined comments on specific issues for which Maina would be grilled, said: "The decision to summon him again is in consonance with the resolution of the Senate." It would be recalled that the Senate Joint Committee on Public Service and Establishment and States and Local Government Administration had recommended, among other things, that Maina and all members of his team be arrested and prosecuted by the police for "the crimes of embezzlement, fraud, misappropriation, misapplication, illegal virements, contract splitting, award of contracts to non-existing companies, outright stealing of police pension funds, among others". The Senate also recommended that the team be immediately disbanded "as its continued existence and usurpation of statutory functions and violation of extant laws was illegal as also recommended by the two former Heads of Service, Chief Steve Oronsanye and Prof. Adedapo Afolabi as well as the incumbent, Alhaji Isa Bello Sali."

Culled from The Vanguard Nigerian Newspaper


Hi y'all!!

I've been reflecting. It's the middle of the year and normally this is not a time for deep reflection for me. Don't get me wrong, I normally spend days perfecting my new year's resolutions list (how i love to write lists...but that's a story for another day)and action lists for the upcoming year. I'm also one of those people who relishes TICKING OFF MY TO DO ITEMS WHEN COMPLETED lol, so when I create my new years resolutions, believe me when I say i intend to accomplish every single thing there. Most times at the end of the year, I realise with satisfaction, I've grown both as a person and at work and have been able accomplish a few of the things but today I'm thinking, how much more would i get done if i consult my life plans and new year's resolution the way I do with my daily to do lists? How many things would I say Yes, I did it!! if i took out just a few days in July, August, and September in order to see how far off track I am. Would I have lost that last 12 pounds instead of adding an additional 10 pounds??? Would I have gone on vacation with money I made, rather than having a vacation be a side benefit of  the last weekend spent on a business trip? Would I have clients/customers for my first major event rather than those I met  at other people's events? The whole of this week, I am reviewing my year's resolutions and breaking out of my comfort zone by taking both business and personal endeavors to the next level. My blog will be improved on, proposals sent out on turbo speed, and plan's for my partner company CAREERNATION will kick off with a bang.

Why don't you join me and dust of your new year's resolution list. Have a look at what you wanted to achieve by the end of 2012 and let's see what we can accomplish between now and December. God give us life, let's both celebrate the end of 2012 looking back at all we have done to change our lives and the lives of people around us.

have a great day!

Nikky The HR Agony Aunt.


 happy new month wonderful readers and followers!!!
Its been a long minute since I last wrote and I want to personally apologize to each and every one of you for being away from my blog for so long. I broke a cardinal rule of mine which is to never allow anything get in the way of keeping my readers informed about HR news in Africa, sharing my thoughts, and interacting with my readers. Work has been pretty hectic, in both good and to be honest, not so good ways. A lot of demands have been made on my personal time, and unfortunately my endeavors suffered. However, I’m determined not to let that happen again and this week I’m going to practice what I preach. As much as I have projects ongoing for people, I am going to ensure that my blog, upcoming presentation, and free trainings that I intend to organize get done.
How many of my readers have been facing this challenge in the days, weeks, months, and even years that have passed? How many of us have put what we are were on the back burner, and are now afraid to resume what we love to do or simply feel the opportunity for us has come and gone? I’m here to tell you it hasn’t.  If you are reading this, God has given you life, and he did it for you to fulfill your purpose, never forget that!! Today is a brand new day, in a brand new week to start that blog, open that account, run that free training clinic, start that make up school, attend an event or a seminar
Practical steps I took to ensure this include:  I am connected to the internet 24/7, am leveraging on a number of new media technologies to link my various accounts; and I will be updating my blog, facebook, linkedin, and twitter according to a set timeline. How about you? What are the simple steps you can take to start dust off that project you have that’s grown cold resting on the back burner of YOUR life? Is it just a matter of signing up to twitter, ensuring you update your facebook status on your way to work, or even just network to make new friends and business relationships. I’m here as your personal cheerleader to tell you, YOU CAN DO IT!!! Let’s both start reliving our purpose along side everything else going on. You’ll be happier & content before you know it.
If you have any questions or just want free friendly advice on how to start on a long forgotten project, please do not hesitate to buzz me on
Have a great week everyone!