Monday, 2 July 2012


Hi y'all!!

I've been reflecting. It's the middle of the year and normally this is not a time for deep reflection for me. Don't get me wrong, I normally spend days perfecting my new year's resolutions list (how i love to write lists...but that's a story for another day)and action lists for the upcoming year. I'm also one of those people who relishes TICKING OFF MY TO DO ITEMS WHEN COMPLETED lol, so when I create my new years resolutions, believe me when I say i intend to accomplish every single thing there. Most times at the end of the year, I realise with satisfaction, I've grown both as a person and at work and have been able accomplish a few of the things but today I'm thinking, how much more would i get done if i consult my life plans and new year's resolution the way I do with my daily to do lists? How many things would I say Yes, I did it!! if i took out just a few days in July, August, and September in order to see how far off track I am. Would I have lost that last 12 pounds instead of adding an additional 10 pounds??? Would I have gone on vacation with money I made, rather than having a vacation be a side benefit of  the last weekend spent on a business trip? Would I have clients/customers for my first major event rather than those I met  at other people's events? The whole of this week, I am reviewing my year's resolutions and breaking out of my comfort zone by taking both business and personal endeavors to the next level. My blog will be improved on, proposals sent out on turbo speed, and plan's for my partner company CAREERNATION will kick off with a bang.

Why don't you join me and dust of your new year's resolution list. Have a look at what you wanted to achieve by the end of 2012 and let's see what we can accomplish between now and December. God give us life, let's both celebrate the end of 2012 looking back at all we have done to change our lives and the lives of people around us.

have a great day!

Nikky The HR Agony Aunt.

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