Saturday, 12 January 2013

Nigeria: Anarchy in Government Recruitment Process

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A series of revelations in the recruitment process of some federal government agencies raises troubling questions regarding the role of the Federal Character Commission (FCC).
Early last year, the Federal Road safety Commission (FRSC) was the focus of a sustained public outcry over its recruitment pattern. There were reports that the commission ignored laid-down rules to recruit personnel mainly from a particular group of states in the south-south region. Similar allegations surfaced with regards to the Nigeria Customs Service recruitment exercise. The FCC made the right noises about looking into the allegations; if it did, the result has not made any impact.
And the reasons are beginning to become clear. Last month, the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) was forced to defend itself by intense public complaints following reports that the 4,560 officers it had scheduled to recruit this year came mainly from the geographical region of its Comptroller General, Mrs Rose Chinyere Uzoma, whose retirement from service is imminent.The scandalous nature of the recruitment pattern appeared to have embarrassed the supervising Ministry of the Interior where the minister, Abba Moro, announced that the exercise had been cancelled.Though Mrs Uzoma denied that there was no exercise in the first place to warrant the government to cancel it, the details were leaked to the media. The details illustrate the seedy schemes that generally characterize recruitment processes in various government departments, and the influence politicians have over them.

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