Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Practical Tips for Landing Your Dream Job in Nigeria

So you want to get your dream job? The satisfaction of getting that job we always wanted is a great feeling and since we spend a lot of time at work, there is no need for us to be miserable. But know this - Getting your dream job is a process that requires determination, personal investment, patience, and the ability to grow. How lengthy this process is depends on how sincere you are with yourself and how willing you are to do the hard work involved and go the extra mile. Follow the steps below and you are on the path of getting that job of your choice. Prepare a great CV More often than not, this is your first contact with your prospective employer. Your CV tells the story of who you are and what you have to offer. Your CV has to make a good first impression. Keep your CV relevant, interesting, and up to date. Remember, Nobody has the time to read stories, especially H.R personnel that have a truck load of CVs to scan through. Promote Yourself After turning out a great CV,the next step is in marketing yourself. This is where a lot of people develop cold feet. You have to first of all believe in yourself, and what you have to offer. Utilize your existing network (friends, acquaintances, church, old school mates etc) to distribute your CV. Post your CV online. If you have the experience, don’t be scared of closing dates, send in your CV. The worst that can happen is, they through it away, or keep in view. A lot of company sites have vacancy/career links. Post your CV in season and out of season; that is if they do employ people in your field of study/experience. Some vacancies come up at short notice, and people with CVs already in the system are considered first. Employment agencies are also a good place to register with and upload your CV. HOWEVER, remember this is marketing, it doesn't mean you are automatically entitled to help/automatic job offer so do no harrass or try and brow beat contacts into helping you. Build relationships and offer services/help that is relevant to your contact. If you build a relationship and give free help/advice/consultancy (within reason) you stand a better chance of being recommended for vacancies/jobs. However, do not fall into the trap of being taken for granted or used. Only offer help up to a limit and within your comfort zone. Stay Current and Up-to-Date Stay current with what is happening in your sector of the economy. There have been a lot of advances in virtually every sector. Most offices use computers and sofwares to do their job. If you cannot use a desktop computer in the 21st century, you are semi-literate. Brush up your computer/software skills, even if you have the experience. For example, if you are a chartered accountant with 15 years experience and you don’t know how to use any accounting software, you are at a disadvantage. Be confident know that you have something to offer. Employers are looking for you. They have a problem while you have the solution. They are not doing you a favor. Believe in yourself. After all said and done, have faith in God. Let him lead and direct your paths. It is not a matter of if, but when. Take care y'all!!

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