Wednesday, 19 December 2012

How to Gain Employment in Nigeria without any experience

The truth of the matter is that higher institutions in Nigeria churn out hundreds of thousands of graduates on a yearly basis with millions currently looking for work. HOWEVER, getting a job is not about settling nor is it about having a sponsor/backer/connection in the job market but by knowing what type of job you want, what category of job seeker you are, and aligning yourself with the right skills/competencies you need for your chosen career. Its also important that you maintain a healthy dose of patience/determination. Below is a link to an article containing practical steps job seekers without work experience should follow and some important points you must always remember. Read, share, and do not hesitate to contact me for further info or to just share your thoughts/ideas. Take care y'all!!!


  1. Hello, I can't see the link you refer to in your article. Please post. Thanks.

    1. Hello, article has been edited and updated. One thing I'd like you to note as a job seeker with no experience is do not under estimate the power of offering free services. You will be more inclined to get hired if you offer 1 week of your time and do NOT under any circumstances think calling non stop will get you the job of your dream