Tuesday, 2 September 2014


So you are determined to make it as a fabulous female Chief Executive Officer/manager/team lead by any means necessary and you keep hearing the same thing over and over again…stop being such a girl, be a man about things, be tough!! But being who you are is what will make you succeed at work, not becoming someone else, so it is important that there is a balance. However, have you ever been curious why people are so hard on women? Here are some of the things we are accused of:

Women are too emotional...any small thing and they starting crying
Women are petty. I missed one meeting and she wiped my details off the entire project
Oh! You don’t know why that female manager is so aggressive….she’s single and frustrated!
My female colleagues will fight and keep malice till the day they quit or are thrown out!
She’s always taken days off and skipping out working weekends…Haba is she made of salt?!

Yep, folks, from the moment people see a woman, she’ll be misjudged as being emotional, petty, flaky, fragile and if you’re single FRUSTRATED. It isn’t really about what you wear but being judged for who they assume you are. Sadly, a lot of times the assertions listed above are not that far off the mark for some females (and quite a few men too) So if you want to be taking seriously focus on being logical, proactive, and assertive without being aggressive, pragmatic, friendly, diplomatic, and ready to put in the extra hours when necessary. Sometimes that might even mean pushing through some aggressive PMS with an extra strong dose of paid medicine and a huge smile.  . 
Don’t be afraid to chart a course of action and firmly expect your team to toe the line. Expect backlash from some people but this can be dealt by playing some diplomatic office chicken were you face your aggressor in a diplomatic manner. Simply put, someone challenges you in the office, firmly deal with the situation, then brush it off and continue with business as usual. You can still be pretty in pink but try tailored pieces, longer sleeve shirts, and colorful accessories as opposed to crazy color blocking.  If you’re still not sure how this translates to how you can be a bold fabulous female at work, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at info@insitefulsolutionsconsult.com Remember, life is what you make of it and above all, always, always, to thine own self, always remain true

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