Friday, 9 May 2014

Common sense HR tips for Managers in Nigeria

Hi folks, In this day of too many workers and too few jobs, many managers have made the mistake of under utilizing their staff and turning into corporate bullies simply because staffing has become less of an issue. However, we lose millions each year in possible earnings when we refuse become effective leaders. Effective leaders recognize and appreciate our people. Becoming an effective boss doesn't mean you become a push over or over emotional, it simply means you start utilizing your staff properly in order to improve productivity, increase income, and stop wasting hours used to manage unhappy staff. These are a few tips you should keep in mind to becomee and effective boss in 2014. #HRtipsforbosses Organizational success is not determined by your fastest learners, but your slowest. Be a leader #HRtipsforbosses your workers are not mind readers, make your plans known and disseminate goals to the last level in your organization. #HRtipsforbosses people can't reach for the stars if they don't know where the sky is. Let your people know what you expect from them. #HRtipsforbosses Nepotism will kill your business from the inside out. If you must hire family, ensure their skills align with your need. #HRtipsforbosses Don't think because the unemployment rate is so high you can treat people unfairly. Your bad reputation will speak louder than any sales efforts and will eventually drive away both staff and customers. #HRtipsforbosses treat people fairly and be honest. #HRtipsforbosses you have to walk the talk. Be an example to your staff or hire an MD who will. #HRtipsforbosses if you know you can lead a business, but not people, hire a manager who can. Not all leaders make effective bosses. If as a manager, you want to discuss any of the tips further, do buzz me at Have a great day everybody!!

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