Monday, 19 August 2013


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Please help me give a warm welcome for our guest blogger Kunle Adebayo aka Dr. Kae a budding human capital development and brand consultant with a passion for social welfare and community development. In his spare time, Kunle volunteers at an adult teaching facility and is an advocate for developing individuals and communities in order to foster nationwide development. He tweets via @doctorkae and he works with us right here at insiteful solutions. He truly is doing great things in Abuja. Please Enjoy!
Be it the private sector or public sector, one of the major fears of Nigerians is getting laid off work. Many organizations run appraisals to check the relevance and productivity of their staff, and it is during these periods that individuals run around trying to get the favour of their superiors towards a positive appraisal. Some people actually believe that the only way they can remain relevant and indispensable to their organization is by keeping certain work-secrets and ensuring that no one can handle their responsibilities as well as they can. However this often backfires spectacularly because no one can hoard information indefinitely without having their colleagues come after them. Being relevant to our work or society doesn’t mean that we should only work towards achieving or completing tasks that are expected of us in our place of work or in the society, it should also include self-actualization - achieving those personal set goals, dreams, and being who we want to be. We should be able to improve on ourselves individually, because the truth be told, whatever goes on inside of us determines greatly what comes out; if we try to improve on every aspects of our lives positively, we would notice that without even placing more efforts on completion of tasks, we would be increasing productivity since all will be done wilfully with the help of the inner freedom and force.
In making ourselves relevant at work, there are certain steps/methods we can use to achieve this, some of which are but not limited to:
·        Developing yourself beyond your technical abilities
Looking out at the market these days, everyone seems to have the same set of technical skills – we are brand designers, we are advertising gurus, we are office administrators, we are sales people…blah blah blah. This is the reason why it is important that we develop our soft-skills and also let the positive side of our personality shine through at work. We are not all perfect but we all have inherent strengths and positive traits that we should develop.
·        Being A Team Player
It is greatly advised that we try to collaborate with other members of our team, by sharing knowledge and information which not only improves productivity for the tasks at hand but also improves our knowledge base. By sharing information we get to find out some things from others which we do not know. Being a team player also means having the ability to blend and adapt to any situation which is a very attractive traits both employers and customers appreciate.
·        Staying Up-To-Date
With the world that we live in today, staying up-to-date is highly essential. Something new is invented and discovered in the world every day and there are new ways to having tasks done. Through the use of our numerous devices which connect us to the internet and millions of other people of the world, we get to update ourselves on new inventions and ideas which develop us and make us more productive.
·        Adding Value
It is expected of every relationship - work and human- to add value. every employer expects employees to add value to the organization. If you are not adding value, then quite frankly, you become dead wood and what happens to dead wood…yep you guessed right. Setting up personal goals and organizing our work to maximize creative output will not only maximize the end-results, but also keep us focused throughout. The days of working for a mere salary is long-gone, modern employers wish to see impacting results.
Being indispensable to any organization requires hard work and diligence. The above tips are a few effective ways of achieving this. it is also important to note that, by trying to improve ourselves individually we will also be improving our productivity in our work place and God forbid the worst happens and you find yourself in a position where your job is no longer safe, you would have done enough to have employers running to come hire you


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