Saturday, 24 August 2013


Ever since I became addicted to the reality TV series "Addicted", I have been fascinated by how birth order affects us at home and at work. While watching this series, it shocked me how many of the recovering and close to dying addicts were First Born Type A personality Overachievers who had crashed soon after experiencing raging success. It scared the crap out of me cause guess what? I am a type A First born daughter, first born grandchild (Those of us are Nigerian know what that means and all the issues/benefits/burden that come with that title even if you are a "female" as opposed to the "male heir apparent") I watched these addicts struggle with not meeting a standard of perfection that they had placed on themselves. They were constantly depressed, feeling like they were not meeting up to society's expectations of them when the reality was even on their bad days "pre-drugs" they were doing a lot better than their counterparts and even family members. That show made me ease up on myself which is still a journey on its own and trust me I'm grateful for the life I have and all its potential. It also got me thinking though, of all the first, middle, last children (and all the type in-between) that are curious as to how birth order affects their life and more importantly how it affects them at work. As a confirmed skeptic, trust me, if you keep your skepticism aside, birth order says a lot about you and understanding yourself better is never a bad thing. For more on this topic, please click the link below:



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