Monday, 16 July 2012


Good day everyone!!

Hope we all had a restful weekend? Did you get a chance to  unwind, relax by yourself or your family or your friends or all of the above? Did you have an opportunity to tackle your personal to do list or laze about to your satisfaction... in other words, do exactly what YOU wanted to do this weekend? Let me ask you a question though, when the weekend rolled around, how satisfied where you with the work you carried out? Where you elated to have an opportunity to sit back and do what you wanted to do or did you fret and carry guilt over a week that could have been more effective.

We all live like tomorrow is promised, and that smugness is a personal gift from God that he will give us life...however, what would you do different if you knew in the next 48 hours everything you touched would turn to Gold? What initiatives would you carry out? Lives you would touch? Business ventures you'd start or even marketing plans you would dust off and carry out?

For the next 48 hours, let us make a deal to start this week off with a BANG!! Let us work like everything we do will turn to Gold and bring results like nothing we have seen before. Attend every networking event you can find; pursue every client in your marketing plan; make your to do lists and power thru them; and most importantly, shower your family with love

Let us kick off this week with a momentum that will carry us through the week so that by Friday you and I can sit back and kick off our shoes with praise on our lips; a non alcoholic cocktail  in our hand; and the satisfaction that we utilized the last 5 days to the best of our ability.

Ladies, do not think that I have forgotten about you, loads of delicious articles, news, and events will be coming your way starting today!!! Stay blessed everyone



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