Sunday, 20 May 2012


Good morning everyone,

It’s a new week and the end of May is near. I would love to think we are all assessing our work, lives, goals, and all we have achieved so far and just like everyone else, I’m also making assessments on my life, work, goals  and most especially my blog. I know you would have all noticed changes here and there as per the blog's design. Please bear with me, I am only trying to apply the design readers seem to prefer and hopefully the current one will be a hit J

In the weeks to come, in addition to our news, articles, and free modules, I will be also write news and articles relevant to entrepreneurs, managers, and business owners with practical tips, guides, and work processes.  I'm also keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I will be able to upload webinars shortly and also finish up and present to you our HR and HCD website for Insiteful Solutions and Consult.

So what's YOUR focus for the rest of the month? Remember it's not to late to set goals and achieve your goals as well as catch up with any work you have been procastinating on so that we look forward to June with joy and eagerness about the things to come not dread at the work we will still be dragging behind us like unwanted baggage.

Have a great week everyone and enjoy the rest of the month!!

your HR Agony aunt (HR Ninja by night J )

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