Sunday, 13 May 2012


It's monday!!!!!
Good morning every one!! I hope you had a fantastic weekend? For those of us that needed to rest, I hope you caught up on your much needed zzzzzs? And for those of us who worked through out, I hope you completed you entire to do lists and you have started this week feeling very pleased with yourselves, as you should :-)

I’m so happy that I was able to update my blog with lots of articles for you to read and I look forward to blogging throughout the week. I’ll be confirming if any events and networking opportunities are available this week.

This Monday, I’m armed with my to do list that I prepared last night. I plan to finish up once and for all with my new business cards, revamp proposals and catch up with some  clients by way of meetings that for one reason or the other keep getting postponed. I also hope to finish an articles that I’ve been privileged to write for a Nigerian based womens magazine.

How about you? Have you wandered into work today with full knowledge of what you want to do or are you too tired and are just hoping for the best? Happiness at work is not a myth, it can be done and it starts with the right mindset. My goal this week is to take at least one work goal that has been pending (but not “urgent” per say) and take one goal off my dream list and start them and for me, its building my business website template and starting on my first book.  I’ve decided to let those be what I do on my down time rather than mindlessly tuning out in front of my TV.  Why not pick your own two goals for this week. Write out you to-do lists for both work and at home and store them on you phone or notebook. Consult it each morning and twice during the day. Add to your list when you need to and cross out what has been completed.  Make yourself accountable - I've already shared my goals with everyone who cares to listen and I have people sending me BBs and texts reminding me i must have drafts ready of what I've said I'll do so they can help me review. You take your goals to a trusted friend, mentor, or loved one who will pester you and ensure you do what you said you will do. Commit to performing at least 2 actions this week besides your usual commitments. Nothing can compare to the satisfaction of taking ownership of your dreams and starting to fulfil them, whether it is to write poetry, apply for those dream jobs,  register for that skills class, read the e-books you downloaded on your laptop all those months ago, starting those cooking classes you promised yourself...the possibilities are endless!!!. I promise you, the satisfaction you will feel when you see the realization of your goals cannot be measured. 

have a great week every one!! 

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