Sunday, 1 April 2012


Q: My boss constantly asks me to use her brother to repair our office computers; the problem is that he's just not that good. What do I do?

A: "Most company ethics codes prohibit conflicts of interest, which this clearly is, but they don't always have private ways of reporting and even if they did, you may or may not find out. It's right to speak up, but it's also right to ask yourself whether this is the hill you want to die on. If it is, line up another job, and report the matter and if you want to ensure you keep your job, make sure you are stay out of it, do not join in and bring in people you know to do work. Always follow proper channels to get vendors. If you are not the type of person to document your work start now. Ensure you follow conversations up with emails and document your work. Also ensure you line up good computer repair vendors to use for the inevitable day she admits to herself his work is shoddy and comes to you to get someone new. If you follow these steps, you will learn a new skill, look efficient and offer help as and when needed. Good luck and let me know if you see a change soon."

Best practice recruitment exercises means you employ the best person for the job. Suprisingly the best person for the job can be close family friends and relatives who have passed recruitment tests and have shown themselves capable of excelling on the job while keeping sentiments aside to be employees of great value. Unfortunately this is not always the case as you can see from this question I posted above that I recieved from an old acquantaince. Sometimes, the boss will bring a friend or family member as a favor to someone. Sometimes, it goes smoothly and sometimes it doesn’t. My advice is when working with a friend or family member of the boss, remember, some relationships run deep and blood will almost always be thicker than water. However, it is amazing how many problems you can avoid just by being known as a hard working, high performing, and proactive employee. Being known for your good work will mean a good boss will not want to lose you and being proactive will make ANYONE who wants to play games weary of crossing your path. Avoid any situations that will make you come into conflict with someone who is related to or friends with the boss. Be friendly and diplomatic but do not feel the need to be overfriendly. The chances are if you follow these steps you will not have any problems in the event you are working with a friend or relative of the boss.

If you are currently working with a friend of family member of the boss and are experiencing difficulties or conflict with this employee or manager, please contact me on and I will give you advice that will work for your situation.

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