Sunday, 1 April 2012


Good evening every body.

Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking a lot about administrative duties in an office. Although the administrative department is a vital part of any organisation and is responsible for overseeing the companies documents and data (among other duties), we are finding out that more in more in Nigeria employees are responsible in part for documentation as it relates to their job. Documentation and database management is absolutely vital yet many lack the basic and intermediate skills this requires. For example, yes you may have a central storage unit for client and personnel files, but how do you handle your day to day documents and if you were asked to create a file management systems for yourself or your unit, would you be able to do this? What do you know about how and when to store legal documents? HR documents? Electronic Database management and its importance to business continuity?

I discovered last week an NGO called RIMA (Records and Information Management Awareness Foundation) They are a Non-profit, Non Governmental Organisation "...that seeks to promote access to information, raise public consciousness on the need for proper management and security of records/information, and encourage the overall development of the information management industry in Africa..." They offer paid and  free training, workshops, and courses on a variety of subject matters within information management including electronic record management, database management, and archiving. Their training timetable for the year can be found below:

I would like to encourage all managers, Team Leads, HR personnel, Administrators, and any one else who needs to build their competencies in records and information management to have a look at this calendar. HR personnel especially those of us who are new to HR should take note of the free training that will be taking place on Managing HR and Legal Records in June of this year.

Please, for those of us who need practical training and advice on database and information management, do not pass up this great opportunity.

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  1. Nice one babes! I believe this will be invaluable to office admins