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Welcome back folks and today, we’re still talking about taking control of career and life.

OK, so now you have your notebook containing what you want to change and how you plan to do it... in theory, but now what? I know here in our beloved country ,Nigeria, it is easy to get discouraged with the multitude of problems that we encounter and what we see as obstacles and even feel anger when we remember how far away we are from the dream life we wanted. However, we must never let go of our dreams nor our life plans. Rest assured your plan can be translated into something realistic and implementable. However, there needs to be a shift at this point from being a 'dreamer" to becoming a "doer". For 15 years now, generation X and generation Y have heard " anything is possible, just hold on to your dream" but somewhere down the line some one forgot to tell us here in Nigeria how that will be possible for all of us when so few opportunities seem to exist.

Mark has always wanted to be a musician but unfortunately opportunities have been far and few between. Mark doesn't know anyone, can't play an instrument, and seems to be interested in a brand of music that isn't popular in Nigeria and besides Mark is getting older and needs to earn an income. Should he give up? A big fat No, but he may have to learn to “translate” his dream into reality. How does he do this, here are a few tips Mark followed and you can as well:

1.      Mark wrote down his vision and plan in a notebook just as we have already done. Oh yes, he wants to be a musician, but how is he going to get there when he is currently working in a construction firm as an office administrator? Mark remained practical and objective and wrote down what he wanted to do, looked at his present reality, his abilities, and the disadvantages working against him. He also wrote a couple of songs to test his skills, sang a few out loud and recorded them on his phone, and in the process found out a few key truths about himself.
2.      Some of these truths he found out was he didn't have some key skills and funding himself in Nigeria was harder than he thought it would be. He also realised rather than turning to anyone, he wanted to be patient and save up.
3.      Mark now asked himself, now that i have a vision, how will i translate this into something i want to do all  my life?  How do i build a legacy? Mark realised he specific training, skills and competency building; money, and mentoring
4.      So Mark went online and attending courses, bought a couple of instruments and got some training, found some mentors who he watched closely and were happy to interact with him.
5.      He then realised he needed to not only get a job but a one that paid well and in which he will learn new skills. Mark realised he needed to build up his personal portfolio, develop better job skills, save money living within his means and sacrificing, and by creating a five year plan

Mark has now knows that yes he can become a Musician, but in order to become one, he needs to get real, obtain relevant experience, become the best at what he does, and create a plan for building his Legacy. Mark has realised that from sitting to translate his dream into a working plan that in 5 years, he could save up enough money to build an in house music studio which will allow him not only record music but work for others allowing him to not only sustain his dream but earn a living in what he does while also building the dreams of others. Mark also also now knows he needs more on the job experience and works twice a week at a lounge down the road from his house as a backup singer for his mentor. He has a plan to have his own gig within the club in 2 years. Mark is now currently looking for a job within the entertainment industry which is in with his experience, skills, and training. He knows he may have to start low but with hard work and dedication he will get where to he wants to be.

Remember this, both at work and in our lives, we are all responsible for our happiness and there is nothing stopping us from taking ownership of our lives. I know its hard sometimes because we deal with so much and must respect the rules, regulations, and norms of where we find ourselves but there is always a way to create a better life for ourselves. First things first, start making yourself happy. look back at that list of a 100 things that made you happy, see any activities you can do? places to go? people to see, that you had previously said make you happy?

Then personally make a decision not to coast along any more, take your life by the horns and tell yourself, if God gives me life, where do i want to be in a few years? Make your own list of 100 things to do before turning 40; Buy a notebook and start writing all your thoughts to see how you grow; start a facebook page about your hobby in life;  or maybe just maybe finally find yourself on a plane to a place you only dreamt of before to learn something that will both change your life now and give you a better tomorrow.

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Take care every one and have a great weekend.

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