Wednesday, 21 March 2012


In Nigeria, people still remain one of the greatest under tapped resources companies have to use in surpassing their business goals and strategies and with the skills pools shrinking while the labor pool increases, it is now more vital than ever to ensure that your organization has the best people in the right positions with processes, policies, and operating procedures that are best practice, realistic, motivational, and enduring, and which ensure optimum levels of motivation and productivity are maintained at all times.

This has profound implications for us as business leaders, managers, supervisors, and or team leads in present day Nigeria. It may be easier and much more cost effective to implement a harsh, no nonsense regime in your office but for how long do we keep up the cycle of hiring and firing? For how long do we allow the brain drain to continue in our offices and businesses with the unending cycle of hiring workers and managing staff who have learnt to appear busy rather than do work that makes them proud? It  has become imperative for us in Nigeria to change our behavior so our people feel like the assets we know they are (rather than expendable costs.) 

Remember, No-one intends to do a bad job!
  • People recognize when they are capable of more
  • People are well aware of their own sub-optimal performance
  • People find the disparity between actual and potential delivery personally frustrating with dire implications on overall productivity and profits.
  • Therefore, establishing systems to help people change for the better will always be a win-win!
A few tips to encourage your most important asset

  • Align the 'walk' and 'talk' of your company (talk is cheap, if you want people to act a certain way,set examples.
  • Eliminate the inherent causes of people management problems (deal with your problems,Don't bury them)
  • Provide a platform for culture change  (You want to see change, put in the work)
  • Enable engaged employees to see themselves as a valued part of your organisational team (nothing should be a one off, establish systems built to last)
  • Establish a sustainable model for keeping employee engagement at maximum levels in your business or organisation (hire who you believe, plan for the entire life cycle of the time they will be with you, and invest in your company and your people)

Remember, The success or failure of a company rests in its people. 
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